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~ Wednesday, June 18 ~
Happy birthday Paul!!!

Mini spam to follow today, please submit your own!

Happy birthday Paul!!!

Mini spam to follow today, please submit your own!

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~ Monday, June 16 ~

Anonymous said: im a guy in his thirties wht didn't paul marry a susan anton type or Farrah Fawcett type god he had to marry the ugliest women he could find and no nasty remarks from you bitches

So you’re a grown ass man who has spent OVER A MONTH venting his hate for an old rockstar’s choice in women, something which has absolutely nothing to do with you and absolutely no one gives a shit about your opinion. Not a single solitary person.

And considering the grammar of your posts and your oft mentioned hopes of being ~in the music biz, I find it hard to believe that you’re in your thirties but in retrospect, it doesn’t surprise me!

Also, we will not continue to post your replies for the attention you so dearly need.

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You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ

ok im sorry that im that asshole, but you do realise that’s a picture of paul mccartney right? like great joke but it’s a john lennon song. how did you miss that. this could have been so gold but paul mccartney had nothing to do with song. you fucked up and im so dissappointed


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~ Sunday, June 15 ~


Happy Father’s Day!

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~ Thursday, June 12 ~

Anonymous said: really opened mindedly nasty remarks aside their was nothing special in the looks department with yoko and linda} Im sure they were interesting people though.

why do people think that we here at fuckyeahpaulmccartney care about the opinions of anonymous assholes on the looks of a widow and a dead woman


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~ Tuesday, June 10 ~

sketchass said: The post that had Paulie and the child, was the James or Julian? Because I know Paul was like a father to him, but I wasn't sure. Thanks! :)

Ah you know what? I labeled it as James but was confused as Paul seemed so young for that to be his son, didnt even cross my mind it could be Julian. Looking closer I see thats clearly Julian, thanks for pointing that out!

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~ Thursday, June 5 ~
fuck yeah paul mccartney! turned 5 today!

fuck yeah paul mccartney! turned 5 today!

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~ Tuesday, June 3 ~

Anonymous said: I read in a article that Paul and John were out to find the ugliest women and marry them I think it was a tie

youre gross :)

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~ Wednesday, May 28 ~


Paul McCartney at a press conference at the Royal Garden Hotel, London to publicize the Leicester Arts Festival, 1968.

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~ Tuesday, May 27 ~
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